Top Security Alarms on the Market

Top Security Alarms on the Market

 Protecting your property is becoming increasingly important, as the thought of burglars breaking in and stealing your belongings is an ever-present nightmare for most people. But knowing what alarm to rely on to protect your property can be tricky; there are so many different types on the market that all profess to be the best.

Now, it’s vital that you take your time to select which alarm to adopt, because there’s no substitute for complete security. To help you out a little bit, we’ve compiled a list of the top security alarms currently on the market…

Wired Systems:

A wired system is the original form of alarm protection, and it’s been around for a number of years. They’re permanently installed into your home by a professional, and overall, they’re much more financially-friendly. They connect to your electric mains and also your landline, which means they’re very reliable all year round.

Wireless Systems:

A wireless system is the modern variant, and they can generally be installed extremely quickly by yourself. Everything communicates via radio or cellular signals, and that means sensors can be installed in hard-to-reach places. Other than the obvious benefit of having no lengthy wires, you’ll also be able to uninstall and reinstall the system in another property very easily.

Top 7 Alarm Systems:

  • Yale Smart Home Alarm & View Kit – SR-330: This is a tremendous wireless alarm system that comes complete with components, email and text alerts, a smartphone app and back-up battery in case a power failure occurs.


  • Visonic Powermax Complete Wireless Kit: Another superb wireless alarm system which comes with an array of features. Those include a high-quality LCD display, two-way RF system, proximity reader and a built-in PSTN communicator.


  • Honeywell Complete Home 5 Alarm Kit: This a wired system which is incredibly popular on the market. Why? Because it has a pet tolerant feature to avoid false alarms, a panic alarm button, an LCD control panel and a multitude of motion sensors.


  • Pyronix Enforcer ENF/KIT3 Wireless Alarm: This terrific wireless alarm system is perfect for keeping your property fully secure. It is Android and iOS compatible, includes DIGI WIFI for the strongest connection, and doesn’t require any on-site IT configuration.


  • SecuPlace Wireless Alarm Kit: SecuPlace pride themselves on being easy to install, pet-friendly and simple to operate, and that’s exactly what this system is. You can set the alarm on your mobile phone, it protects against smoke as well as burglars, and comes with 3 motion sensors.


  • Texecom Premier Elite 48 32 Zone Hybrid Ricochet Wireless Kit: This is one of the best hybrid systems on the market, and the kit comes complete with a hard-wired control panel and a wireless expander. That means you can easily increase security by attaching more wireless devices to the system.


  • Scantronic 9448 Fully Featured Burglar Alarm Kit: A renowned British security brand, Scantronic has produced this burglar alarm kit which is wonderful value for money. It includes everything you need to fully secure your property.


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